What Is The Angel System?

The Angel System is a safety net for the public to use in emergency situations (E.g Member of public is in a vulnerable state, Stolen Wallet, Domestic Abuse), this system is currently implemented in many bars around Wellington as of 2019.

In these bars, the Angel System allows staff to organize a free, safe ride home for any potentially vulnerable customers in a situation where it is unsafe for them to get home on their own.

If you find someone who is unconscious or has had there drink spiked, the bars listed here have the necessary procedures to handle the situation.

The general public can also get an Angel Ride if they too find themselves in a vulnerable situation (E.g being followed home at night time, Just been mugged, Found someone unconscious on the ground). Our dispatchers will assess the situation over the phone and send a driver or call the police if necessary.

The Angel Shot Concept

"Angel Shots" is a concept original formed in the UK where if a customer at a bar feels unsafe, they can approach the bar and ask for a 'Angel Shot'. This would indicate to the bar staff that the customer needs to be taken from the bar area and have a taxi called for them. Sophie's Angels wants to get this concept running in New Zealand to help provide a friendly and reliable service for getting those in need back home safely.

How The Angel System Works


When you call for a angel ride, an Angel Driver will be dispatched immediately to your location and one of our dispatchers will get in contact with you to determine the situation.

If necessary, the dispatcher can remain on the phone until you have been pickup by the driver to confirm your safety.

Once pickup up, based on the situation the driver can drop you off at home or bring you to the Sophie Angel offices for you to decide your next step and what support is needed.

Examples of Correct Use:
  • You are being followed while walking at night.
  • You are being intimidated by someone or a group of people (In situations like this we also urge you to contact the police if you feel like you or someone else might be harmed).
  • You come across someone on the side of the road unconscious or extremely drunk and unable to get home without assistance.
Examples of Incorrect Use:
  • You have no cash. (We have many feasible methods of payment including payment plans.)
Misuse of the service and charges:

Any misuse of this service including false callouts will result in an instant misuse fee being charged to your account. Dispatch also hold the right to add a charge for the Angel Callouts in any situation. Misuse of this service can also result in your account being terminated.

These rides are designed for emergency situations only.
However if you feel that yourself or others are in danger, please contact 111!
(Please read the T&C for misuse fees)

Getting Your Establishment On Board!

Our Angel System is a free system that any establishment in the Wellington region can sign up to.
In the near future we plan to establish this system in other city's around the country.

If you feel your establishment can use our Angel System, feel free to contact us at helpdesk@sophiesangels.org for more information.